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His father John said after coming round from surgery on the morning of August 25, his son had been energetic and was sitting in his bed playing with his Play Mobil figures.

Around 4.20am father-of-five Mr Dwerryhouse received a call telling him James wasn't well and he and James' mother needed to attend the hospital immediately.

Dr Sanjeev Sharma, one of the two doctors who treated James, said monitors would rarely be removed on the decision of nurses.

He claimed he had agreed with James' parents that the use of a CPAP machine was unnecessary.

James suffered from sleep apnoea - interruptions to breathing while sleeping that can be life threatening - and was found unresponsive by night staff at around 4am on August 26 last year.

James, a pupil at Thomas Wolsey School and a member of the Ipswich Rainbow Cubs, also had a number of other conditions including mild hearing loss, poor eyesight, epilepsy and sleep apnoea.

Mrs Dwerryhouse challenged Ms Stewart over the fact she hadn't been allowed to stay with James when she had stayed on every other overnight hospital visit.

She and her husband were instead told they could pay £300 for a room elsewhere in the hospital or or they could get a hotel.'This was a child that was not just physically ill, he had special needs, he was signing - we offered the hospital his 'passport to communication' but it wasn't taken up,' she said.'You couldn't talk to him.

Adjourning proceedings to consider her conclusion, Coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe said she had 'concerns' about the hospital and specifically about Ms Bhupathiraju.DS Adrian De-Villiers told the court that the hospital's errors didn't meet the threshold for corporate manslaughter, but added: 'That doesn't mean there weren't individual failings on the day.'Portland's chief nursing officer Elaine Stewart, who led the internal investigation, said that staff were not permitted two to three hour breaks while on shift, as both Mr Cachero and Ms Bhupathiraju had claimed.Instead the maximum they could take was one hour and 15 minutes.Mr Cachero said that he told the nurse that was covering for him, Anuradhapura Bhupathiraju, that James needed his monitors back on once he was settled.When he returned shortly before 4am, Mr Dwerryhouse had left and James was asleep but had still not had his monitors reconnected.

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