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There is a high incidence of abnormal sperm morphology in infertile men.

Omega 3 fats are known to increase the production of nitric oxide, which is the mediator of the male response, and folic acid is an important cofactor in the production of nitric oxide.

Each of these programs is supported through grants from the Chi Omega Foundation.

Your donations to the Chi Omega Foundation can make it possible for more Chi Omega members to benefit from this exceptional training. Chi Omega conducts risk management visits for various collegiate chapters each semester.

Providing risk management and alcohol education is an extremely important aspect of helping our members make solid decisions.

This resource offers reassuring, humorous, real-life anecdotes along with reliable information to help you with this challenging task. (We see the moose's wincing face.) Caribou saucily shake their behinds at the wolves, prompting Humphrey to say he wouldn't want to howl at that "moon." There's a quick gag about mistakenly drinking urine. A play on words involving "Idaho" suggests an inappropriate term.

Buy Now The wolves' menacing growls and snarls might be scary for sensitive younger children. Humphrey says he needs to vomit, then promises to swallow it instead.

They precariously slide down cliffs and mountainsides or fall from heights. A man shoots at Kate and Humphrey, intending to kill them, but misses. Paddy plays chiropractor and way overdoes it while cracking Marcel's neck and back. Kate lies to Humphrey, leading him to believe she's attracted to Garth.

(He's pleased by the position.) Wolves are seen holding paws and sitting close.

Marcel and Paddy slyly comment on Kate and Humphrey being "undomesticated partners." Kate is shown inadvertently wearing a bra from a human's suitcase that's come open. Name-calling includes "snaggletoothed fool," "stupid," "dud" and "barf" (which Humphrey uses instead of Garth's name).

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Humphrey, for his part, can't wait to howl with Kate, and he urges her to do so with him on several occasions.

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