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In my area there are several boys who are roaming around here and there as it is a packed street. So I always want to show some major cleavage to them.When I was in home, I use to wear just a nighty with a panty. I was doing it as a purpose only as the guys around our area can look at my tits clearly. Everyone notice that, but no one really wants to take the next step as they were afraid of sex.It was fully packed with gents and only few ladies are there and it seems the fewer ladies are all friends. but there is no room or what so ever to get inside the bus. It was the first time I was getting some thing inserted in my ass crack. The guys who were fucking in my pussy then speeded up their process and they too got to the climax. But they said they want to just masturbate in front me. But as my pussy hole is so big, I cant feel any pleasure. he told my parents, As I was tired of that, he carried me and dropped me here. Then next day for safety I have taken a I pill to avoid pregnancy.

I’m a normal middle class family girl with good lucks.So I travelled in the third step of the bus, those boys were behind me. but somehow I managed to hang the saree on my shoulder. That is because just before leaving my office I fingered my pussy and got a orgasm. Now I felt good and within some time I too got orgasm. While taking bath only I remembered I lost my dress and my hand bag. Then one by one gave me a lip kiss and left to their respective places. So I asked one guy to get a auto and drop me in my home. As the next day was a holiday for me I’ve taken complete rest and then just spent the upcoming days normally.After sometime some stop came and some males wanted to get out of the bus as their stop has came. As so I went down, but while going down I lost my control over my saree and it went down to my feet. Now as 5 out, the remaining 5 started the complete process again. Then I rushed to them, but one of the guys has got all my clothes and my hand bag with him. Now I use to masturbate thinking of that everyday and I was still thinking that this day will once again come.Then some hand from front got the hand bag from me and the guys around my boobs removed my blouse and bra. They have carried me inside the people’s stand inside bus garage. But I was afraid of getting fucked by so many guys and said no, I can’t let you fuck me. my moms boobs are firm and they were standing straight like mountains. " now move u r hands obove u r head , hemaji.." mom did as she was told.There was no one around that place and everyone has left and only 2 or 3 lights were turned on at that area. as her hands went behind her head, her boobs moved in upward r looking even more bigger.

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he grabbed her hands from wrists and placed hands straight above her head.