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It's a place we may be talking about more years from now than we have until now. I'm fortunate to have met them, not only as far as my career, but personally.

"There is excellent communication between all three levels of the defense," Marrone says.

It's a place where a quarterback sometimes is given a choice: your body or your football. It began in May, when Marrone ran high-tempo OTA practices. But the hard times we went through in camp brought us closer. We'd go out so we could laugh."On Thursdays, the defensive backs get together to watch a game, bowl or take a few swings at Top Golf.

And sometimes, there is no choice; he must surrender both. Throughout the 10 practices, the Jaguars ran more than 1,000 team plays, according to coaches. The night before road games, they dine as a group at a restaurant in the town they are visiting.

There is a genuine appreciation for the man next to you and a genuine respect for this game, so when I step on the field, I'm going to handle myself accordingly.So many footballs that were intended to end up in end zones instead are ending up on fireplace mantels all over Sacksonville.An NFL census might show Sacksonville has more talent per capita than anywhere.It's the fifth highest percentage allotted to a defense in the NFL.Four Jaguars defenders—Bouye, Campbell, Jackson and Ramsey—were voted to the Pro Bowl, and two more—Ngakoue and Smith—probably should have been.

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Many of them, though, decided to attend by themselves.