Naked image of garo girls

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Naked image of garo girls

In February 1959, the general Japanese public was introduced to the Garo with the publication of Faces of Savagery, Faces of Civilization (Mikai no kao, bunmei no kao), a travelogue by anthropologist Nakane Chie, a scholar then just emerging, but by the late sixties well-known (and today ill-regarded) for her work on Japanese national social character.As recipient of the Mainichi Culture Prize, Nakane’s travelogue was widely publicized in its day.

The people of northeast India are at the center of this tempered adventure. The name ‘Japan’ was not new to them, for most of the tribes in Assam were familiar with the fact that the Japanese military had come as far as Imphal.

Still they do indicate that Shirato was reading widely on the subject of race and ethnogenesis.

As for matrilineality, again it does not imply matriarchy and Nakane is careful to describe how Garo men are still very much in control and believe themselves superior to the women.

Into the wild beast-infested jungles of the uncivilized tribes of India, a young female anthropologist travels alone.

Thrills and passion overfill this, the record of her exploration.”This obi, which makes the author sound like a Japanese Jane “Lady Greystoke” Porter, is really more representative of Faces of Savagery than the King Tut photograph on the first edition’s cover.

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One might judge the South Asia segment Lonely Planet-like today.

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