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Military dating uk

(According to a national opinion poll published a week before the ruling, the ban had been opposed by 68% of Britons.) The judgment of the Court was a vindication of the rights of lesbians and gay men and the Labour government of the time immediately announced that they would lift the ban.This took place on 12 January 2000, and a new general code of sexual conduct was introduced.

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Stonewall, a British LGB rights pressure group, spearheaded the movement to rescind British military prohibitions against openly LGB servicemembers.

It began when Robert Ely, who had served in the British Army for seventeen years, approached Stonewall.

to make provision to repeal words in two sections of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 that made provision for a "homosexual act" to constitute a ground for discharging a member of Her Majesty’s armed forces from the service.

This was as a result of evidence given to the UK Parliament by Professor Paul Johnson (University of York) and Duncan Lustig-Prean.

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Gay and lesbian citizens have been allowed to serve openly in the Her Majesty's Armed Forces since 2000.

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