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Your natural flair with the audience and your ability to connect with all cultural backgrounds has provided a magic evening time and time again.

You are a true professional Paul, and a true gentleman personally.

We have been overwhelmed by the feedback received from our guests at each event about Paul’s outstanding comedy talent – they all think you are Australia’s best kept secret.

Anyone who can hold a room of over 1,100 people together and have them laughing so loud from the beginning to the end has a rare gift.

It has been our pleasure to have your talent as part of our special evenings year after year.

This emphasis on lightness directly contributes to the larger project of social responsibility the pavilion is inscribed in, as it reduces transportation costs and keeps material waste to a minimum.The site-specific installation Selgas Cano created for the Fondation looks nothing like the conventional pavilion – transparent pod-like structures with yellow cushions and seating take up the entire courtyard.Entirely recyclable, the Pavilion Martell proves that reducing the ecological impact of temporary venues can be done thoughtfully and beautifully – that downsizing is not the only way to sustainability.His brilliant impressions of Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Robert De Niro, Russell Crowe, Jack Nicholson and Nicholas Cage, to name but a few, are a highlight of his act.A true professional, Paul Martell is an incredibly talented and extremely charismatic performer with an enviable ability to immediately connect with a very wide range of audiences.

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As an MC Paul is continually re-booked at conferences and award dinners.