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Louis theroux hypnotic dating

Even if it was staged somehow by RJ, I can confirm that I have seen techniques like this used in real life and yes they do work frighteningly well when learned and applied correctly.

My entire point is that this sort of nasty manipulation is going on and it should upset people! The other is when these "Gurus" use similar techniques to sell their courses to their followers.

Here are some clips of some of the "Gurus" of "The Game"I think this is useful because it will educate people as to some of the techniques being used so you can spot them, and thus avoid them!

I would suggest you watch some of the other clips I have posted, and read the articles.A demonstration of the complete lack of responsibility and callous disregard for anyone else. And presumably this was a sanitised demo showing just a basic induction.Scary that these sociopaths are teaching their tricks to all-comers.There was a famous case here in the UK where a stage hypnotist did this kind of regressive technique and the subject suffered a psychotic episode as a result.Since then stage hypnosis has not been so popular in the Uk.

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And a little cafe like that, outside in the middle of the day with a girlfriend, most women's defenses would be low.

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