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Process overview: Interoperability between OAM Agents and OAM Servers The Access Tester encrypts all password-type values that it saves to configuration files and test cases.

All network connectivity inherits the Net Point Access Protocol (NAP) limit of a single connection pool (one primary or secondary connection pool).

The Access Tester offers advanced functionality that enables you to group a number of individual requests into a test script that can be sent to the OAM Server for processing.

Right click on wireless network connection and go to properties.The Access Tester enables you to: During basic operations, the Access Tester does not make any determination about the Server response and whether it is a right or wrong response (for instance, whether or not resource X is protected, or user Y is authorized to access resource X).When operating the Access Tester, you must be aware of the policy configuration to determine if a specific response is appropriate.The following overview outlines the processing that occurs between OAM Agents and OAM Servers.During testing, the Access Tester emulates the Agent and communicates with the OAM Server while the administrator emulates the end user.

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Application administrators can use the Access Tester to perform a quick validation of policies.

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