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She made the long track cross country to join us here from Jersey, the talented 19-year-old brings experience, power and the versatility to play either back court wing positions and also fill in as a hitter.” “She also rocks a massive rack, yummy legs and a truly thick ass that I’d like to becomes friends with. ” “Of course we’d be cheating the public if we didn’t mention the breathtaking newest recruit, Kate Upton. Maybe with her supermodel-like height and facial beauty.Or maybe her mouthwatering tits, which after watching her for the last 2 weeks, I can say with certainty are at least double D!Junior transfer Caity Lotz with a calm pass to fellow rookie Anna Sophia Robb.The 18-year-old sets up to pass to the under-utilized Taylor Swift but no!The girls were still being loud and excited from their crushing victory over their most recent rival but Erica needed to address them with some final take-away points.

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