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Little rock dating

Their only complaint is that they see the same people at the same places week after week without a lot of mixing it up.They both seem to gravitate to the under 25 females since many their own ages are married or in a serious relationship...I know you're not coming to my area, but this is just an example that where ever there are people, there's going to be a singles scene not too far away.Jonesboro is currently being touted for it's "entertainment" district, with bars, restaurants, clubs,etc., and it's certainly living up to that challenge.So, I don't think I'd use the word, "booming",, and ye shall find.If you are looking for a place that has a happening hotspot every night of the week, then the big cities are where you need to look.

Little's downtown area and 'burb scene..know it's gonna be going on.

Don't know if that helps or not; the older one is active in the Democratic party and seems to find more singles there than anywhere else. Most people were born together, grow up together, so the cliques can be a little intimidating.

The younger fishes, hunts, plays pool and poker, so maybe that's why his dating pool isn't as active as his brother's! Some people aren't used to meeting and making new friends.

I must say, though, that none of the girls they have dated have seemed particularly anxious to end up in a wedded state of bliss.

They both live in Little Rock and work downtown; both make frequent trips to Fayetteville, where the dating pool seems a little deeper and wider (although that may simply be because of the age group).

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We have our regular local bands, but quite frequently we will get a group from Little Rock or out of Texas or Louisiana to visit and put on a show.

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