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Introduction title for dating site examples

Political leftists attack it as a reactionary hindrance to social advancement.

The longest English word I can think of, if you rule out ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ on technical lexicographical grounds is, Antidisestablishmentarianism. Another technical term, though an easier one, is atheism.

But this sort of argument has no more application to God than to cats – the small domestic animals that cry meow.

Those who deny God, atheists, and those who say God is everything, pantheists, are asserting that nothing beyond the physical world is real.

But they might as well not believe in God for all the good it does them.

Doesn’t Christianity consist in singing gospel choruses to rock music and electric guitars?Spinoza used the phrase, Logically there is no difference between atheism and pantheism.To deny that there is a God and to apply the name God to everything is conceptually identical.True Christians, because of immaturity and ignorance, may disparage theology, but their antagonism is not consistent with the Christian faith.Another group deserving mention, presents a puzzling appearance.

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Atheists are people who assert that there is no God to study.