Internet dating young people

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Internet dating young people

Remember when I said that I don’t lie to others, but am pretty adept at lying to myself? This entire interaction took place over a week and a half. With each text I sent that he didn’t respond to, I knew how pathetic I was being.

I’m a dirty blonde these days (in more way than one). While the old Grey would get all gushy and forgiving and let him off the hook because ‘look! My response time is further delayed if their questions are annoying. Contrary to popular belief, I am not constantly glued to my phone or computer. So, Mr Feelings messaged me late last night with a stupendous ‘Hope you’re having a great day’. I am using my accumulated dating PTO to sit around, bra-less, while watching men’s team speed skating (damn, what amazing thighs they have) on my Roku.

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With the world brought into our homes in real-time through TV and Internet, and instant communications possible with cell phones and e-mail, we don't miss anything - except, possibly, for companionship. Fortunately, we can use the same technology that created the problem to solve it!

It is becoming more and more difficult to meet people.

Advances in technology are eliminating the need for the same business and social gatherings that we used to count on to meet new people.

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I considered, several times today, texting Red (my Tinder lunch date from last week) to see what he was doing tonight. Guess it’s just me, my dog, my Grey Goose & sodas (damn diet) and this lovely series on Showtime called Gigolos. This year I’m considering a lower key hair color transformation. As I’ve gotten older, my natural color has gotten more dark (and grey, but I can pull those off as highlights). Nope, wasn’t even guilt trippy or passive aggressive. He responded right back with another apology and saying he wished we could have gotten together as well, but that he just sort of ran out of time. Of course I won’t completely write him off as I do think he’s a good guy, but I will pay attention to what he does when I return. Now, while I never lie to others, we all know that I’m pretty damn good at lying to myself, so I guess we’ll see….. I’m sure I’ve written many (many) posts with this same title in my decade of online dating. The one that got pissed at me when we 1st messaged all those months ago and did the online equivalent of stomping off in a huff because he felt I wasn’t responding to his messages quickly enough. To be clear, when I am not overly excited about someone (or even if I am), I am not available 24/7 to immediately respond to messages from guys online. I will admit, that if/when I’m having a senior moment, I may actually forget. I will usually respond as soon as I see the message.

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