Greg rikaart dating teen dating violence statistics in georgia

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Greg rikaart dating

That's a problem.3.) Cut Characters and Stories That Aren't Working I begged for Scotty Grainger (Daniel Hall) to return for years. Lauren's (Tracey Bregman) beloved son returned home an insufferable bore. He helped Sharon (Sharon Case) get her sea legs again following years of character assassination. Now he can head back to the Middle East until Young can figure out how to both recast the role and write Scotty as someone who doesn't make everyone he meets groan.What's even more egregious is he took all of his mama's airtime. Abby's creepy dating site pal — who's obvi connected to the insta-sex trafficking ring — can also go. Stories need a solid beginning, middle and end for me to care.The same can't be said about the current crop of Genoa City teens and 20-somethings.Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily's (Christel Khalil) recently SORASed twins don't even talk like real kids today, let alone lead interesting lives.Charlie's mom was having sex with STD-carrying internet psychos (Sorry, Kevin Fisher! Are arguments around a makeshift country club pool really the best Things aren't much better for the 20-something set.Noah (Robert Adamson) and Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) remain aimless and cliche.She makes him a deal: if he testifies against his daddy he gets immunity. Something is wrong when Nurse Elizabeth Webber has a nicer crib in Port Charles, New York than a bunch of Wisconsin area cosmetics moguls.Victor goes on trial for conspiracy to commit murder. Call up Steve Kent and tell him to cough up some stacks so this show can stop looking so cheap!

Chloe is remanded to a psych ward (hopefully with the aforementioned Patty). Victoria takes a temporary leave of absence from B&S (putting Billy in charge), to try to help her sister save the family firm. He threatens to reveal she isn't a bio-Abbott. Ahead of Victor being outed as Chloe's co-conspirator, Nick decides to sell his Newman shares to Jack.

Victor is arrested again and Kevin gets community service for helping Chloe flee, just in time to go to the local LGBT bar with Mariah. Jack takes out a loan against his Jabot stock to buy up Newman shares. When the shares plummet, this leads to an SEC investigation.

Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom) returns to town, now working for the SEC, and goes after Nick.

Chelsea is livid to learn Nick knew all along that Victor was working with Chloe. The stranger reveals himself to Connor — it's Adam (Michael Muhney)!

She doesn't have long to be righteously indignant, however, because Sharon learns Christian isn't Nick's son and that Chelsea knew! Victor bribes the judge and walks scot-free (Hey, he is TGVN! Chelsea decides to pay all the Newmans back for everything they've taken from her. Colleen's heart valves are faulty, due to all the tremendous stress Victor's been under. Chelsea moves into the ranch where she is watched by a mysterious stranger.

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