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Older routers that use b/g/n to transmit their signal aren’t built for the way people use their wireless networks these days, whether it be streaming Netflix in 4K, downloading file sizes that can stretch into the tens (if not hundreds) of gigabytes, or playing online games that demand the absolute lowest ping/latency possible to get you to the top of the local leaderboard.

If you find yourself running any of these activities but are constantly shaking a fist at your at the dreaded “buffering” symbol as it mocks you from the other side of the screen, a router upgrade could be just what you need to solve these problems and so many more.

Last, there’s the advent of features like MU-MIMO and mesh networking that should perk up the ears of anyone who’s considering upgrading their home network so far into the future that they won’t have to even think about router shopping for the next two years or more.

While I was testing, I noticed that the Archer C9 struggled with longer distance connections, or those that had to jump through a number of walls or ceilings before getting to the intended destination. But although it may not have as much range or stream reliability as some of the other contenders here, but what it lacks in signal strength it more than makes up for in raw, unadulterated speed.

To see why the AC3200ACM beat out the rest of the competition, read on in our annual roundup of the best routers in 2017!

Table of Contents: Wireless router technology has evolved rapidly in the past few years, incorporating a plethora of new wireless bands, transmission standards, and extra features that are all designed to keep up with the demands of a modern home.

If you want a cheap router that will still keep your modem sweating through the heaviest of downloads, this is the one to get.

The Netgear Nighthawk X6 takes no prisoners on speed or reliability.

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Just note, those LED indicator status lights can be a bit pesky, especially in a dark room.

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