Glossary of dating terms

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Highly chromatic colours contain maximum hue with few impurities or additives such as white, grey or black.

A colour without hue is called "achromatic" or "monochromatic" and appears grey.

Colourist This term is used to describe painters who excelled in the use of pigment in their canvases, or whose works are heavily dependent on the use of colour.

A colour without hue is achromatic or monochromatic and will appear grey.Colour wheel A circular diagram showing the relationships between primary, secondary, tertiary and complementary colours.An indispensible tool for anyone working with colour.Brilliance Term referring to the cleanness or absence of a muddy tone in pigmented coatings.Broken Colour A technique introduced by Impressionist painters (notably Neo-Impressionists), whereby colours on the canvas are made up of small flecks and dashes of paint.

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Blacks, whites, grays, and most browns are achromatic. This is one of the after-effects of visual perception, which is generally caused by fatigue in part of the optical system.