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A series of logistic regression models examined the influences of household composition and wealth, four family process variables (behavioral control, relationship quality, financial support, conflict), school enrollment and relationship experience on females’ risk of experiencing coerced sex.

Eighteen percent of respondents reported having experienced coerced sex prior to Wave 1, and 13% experienced it between Waves 1 and 2.

Dating companies warn against giving money online and Ghana’s government has proposed a security bill to make it easier to stop abuses but smartphones and mobile money services make crime harder to detect.

Several people said their email accounts had been suspended but they just created new ones.

If you are looking to get acquainted with singles in your region of residence, you have come to the right place.

The internet is a simple and a safe way to get to know new people in Kumasi.

However, some experts say there is more to it than unemployment.

Professor Clement Dzidonu, president of Accra Institute of Technology says Ghana’s reputation for cybercrime was affecting what could be a booming E-commerce industry and like in Nigeria, which is also notorious for Internet scams, tech savvy youths are simply taking the easy way out.

Enjoy your time with our free online dating service!The opposition, New Patriotic Party said it will liberate the private sector as an engine of job growth, invest in inner cities and achieve double digit growth in power.Experts say many African countries face a race to increase growth fast enough to absorb young people entering the labour market as the continent’s population swells in coming decades.Having a boyfriend appears to be the primary predictor of coerced sex among young females, beyond any influence of family, school or other household variables.More research is needed to understand the context of females’ relationships with boyfriends in an effort to reduce the risk of sexual coercion and to promote the prevention of sexual violence perpetrated by males within these relationships.

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Accra’s cybercrime wave exposes government failure to create jobs and suggests many are yet to benefit from growth that for years made Ghana one of Africa’s most dynamic economies.

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