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Gay dating japan

The drink menu also features diverse options, such as various herbal and fruit teas, that are highly recommended especially for health-conscious customers.

Finally, those hoping to forgo the typical coffee chain store in favor of something a touch more exotic are in luck: Vietnam coffee is their most popular drink.

An evening at Bridge offers interested people an intriguing glimpse into Shinjuku gay culture in particular and Japanese gay culture in general, one that is seldom seen on the Tokyo streets.

Patrons are welcome to hang out together on the balcony.

The multinational clientele assures meeting people of different backgrounds, while the use of song and drink as a social lubricant will make it easier to be understood—regardless of national, sexual or gender barriers.

These are awesome to be sure, but why stick with them when there’s so much more to see in Shinjuku?When hunting for Tokyo gay bars, one can do no better than Shinjuku’s Ni-chome district, the heart of Tokyo’s LGBT community and boasting myriad LGBT-managed bars and restaurants for diverse tastes.After introducing you to some bars off the beaten neon trail, we'll give you some can’t-miss tips that’ll give you a leg up on the scene and prepare you for adventure!Obviously there is more than one lesbian bar in the Tokyo gay scene, but knowing about even one can be the start of an interesting journey. This small list only scratches the surface of what’s available for the Tokyo gay community, so we encourage you to get out there and explore for yourself. Address: Shinjuku-ku Ni-chome 13-10 Musashino Building 1F Cover charge:¥1,000 (people who want to use the sofa) Cost of drinks:¥700–800 Best day to visit: Friday–Sunday Scene: Drag Queens Campy! Like in countless host and hostess bars throughout Tokyo, his job is to check on customers to make sure they are having a good time, keeping up a constant flow of chatter with everyone. Bar is highly recommended not only for its amazing service, but for the fun and meaningful conversations one can have with members of the transgender, gay and lesbian community in Tokyo.Bar is a mix bar that welcomes people of diverse genders and sexual preferences with open arms. Whether into drag or simply hoping to chat with like-minded people, curious souls should definitely give Campy! Address: Shinjuku-ku Ni-chome 14-6 Daiichi Hayakawaya Building 1F Cover charge: None Cost of drinks: Glass ¥700–800 Best day to visit: Friday–Sunday Scene: Gay-friendly Cocolo Cafe is a calm and relaxing restaurant in Ni-chome.

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In addition to Japanese customers, American, British, Australian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean and other nationalities can be found drinking together while engaging in the most universal pastime of all: Karaoke!