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As a result, crabs are sometimes intentionally linked with other words such as stinking and water to achieve some vagina-related humorous effects.

The word hai can also mean total failure as in the phrase hai1 saai3 ( To further stress the failure, sometimes the phrase hai1 gau1 saai3 is used (the word gau that means penis is put in between the original phrase).

One would often only state the first part, expecting the listener to know the second.

The first part is "a man and a woman having a sunbath (naked)" () literally means "falling onto street", which is a common curse phrase in Cantonese that may be translated into English as "drop dead".

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These five words are generally offensive and give rise to a variety of euphemisms and minced oaths.

Similar to the seven dirty words in the United States, these five words are forbidden to say and are bleep-censored on Hong Kong broadcast television. (屌你老母 or 𨳒你老母, fuck your mother) or diu nei lo mo chau hai! The word diu was originally a noun meaning the penis and evolved as a verb.

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咸家伶 or 冚家拎 Ham6 gaa1 ling1, 咸家富貴 or 冚家富貴 ham6 gaa1 fu3 gwai3 (may the whole family be rich), 咸家祥 or 冚家祥 ham gaa ceong (may the whole family be fortunate) are common variant but 拎 ling (to take/carry something) has little logical relations with the original phrase.

Adding the words ham gaa (whole family) in front of a bless can actually reverse the meaning.

As a result, thieves that are easily caught by the police are often intentionally described as 笨賊 ban6 caak6 (stupid thieves) in the newspaper to achieve the humorous effects from the phrase ban6 cat6.

Hai (traditional Chinese: ; Jyutping: hai1) is a common vulgar word that literally means vagina. 屄 is more common on the mainland of China, with 閪 being used in Hong Kong and Macao.

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