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And then you're really miffed when you find out that everyone's been listening to, like, Haim for months already.""Coordinate tattoos are like the bodily equivalent of when newspapers print URLs.""It's just sort of sweet and analog but mostly sad."Children's Book Tattoo"Infantile whiner.""Someone who literally never got past that reading level.""You think high school was the best time of your life prob.""I think it's sweet! Who can't afford laser treatment." Watercolor Tattoo"They use double filters on their instas.""You think: This person has a beautiful perfect life.""No matter their gender nor your preference, you kind of want to fuck this person.""They are the coolest person in any given room.""These look like if Michelangelo painted with Kool-Aid.""You are A-list on Kim Kardashian Hollywood even though you downplay how much you like it.""You're A-list and you've NEVER EVEN PLAYED.""I guess the kind of person that would get one is ME.""You are probably in a cool band.""Or Swedish."Some Variation of a Music Note or Music-Related Symbol Thingy"Working waitress.""This person's spirit animal is Jason Derulo.""Beyoncé dreams, Britney voice.""Really liked that ' Bad Day' song.""But only plays it when they are actually having a bad day.""(Which is often.)"Band Lyric/Band Name Tattoo"Petulant Teen into Petulant Adulthood.""This person moved to New York because he took that Alicia Keys/Jay Z song literally." Infinity Symbol Tattoo"Someone who can't do math.""You've been to a LOT of Phish shows, but now you flirt with an EDM lifestyle.""Owns a closet full of dainty Free People tanks.""You've slept in your car before.""This person is very YOLO. They don't.""Unless you are a woman, then you're still wrong but in a different way.""You watch Ghost Hunters unironically."Pin-Up Girl Riding a Burrito Tattoo (True Story)"Too YOLO.""Omg, like, literally grow up.""We get it, you are q Wi Rk Y.""It's still better than a GROWN-UP BOOK. Or Gatsby eyes."[Audible collective shudder.]"Would you date someone with a Harry Potter tattoo? Hard no.""If it were the Dark Mark, HOT."Taz Tat"You are not coming from nor going to a good place with a Taz tat.""What about a tattoo of a Looney Toons character in street clothes? Actually, it was only a half-sleeve.""Full sleeve = full boner.Half sleeve = half chub.""The sleeve needs to be done artfully though.

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