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I feel that we don't even include those in the info box.

From what I've seen of the term in film it's often a promotional thing, inflating the contributions of a known filmmaker who has contributed to an extent but not enough to warrant a writing/directing/producing credit fully, which really isn't something I'd expect us to either reproduce or care about. Would a previously uninvolved editor, or perhaps more than one, mind taking a look at the recent edits to this article?), it's origin is not questionable and yet the opening sentence reads "The Hunger Games is a 2012 American science fiction action drama film" when the key information seems, to me at least, to be "The Hunger Games is a 2012 science fiction action drama film". I also do not like when it starts getting crowded with American-British production or the like.The point I guess I am trying to convey is that I would like to propose we update our style guide to not include it, unless it is a notable factor.Currently nominated too Star Wars documentaries on Wikipedia: Articles for deletion/The Making of Star Wars and Wikipedia: Articles for deletion/SP FX: The Empire Strikes Back.WP: STARWARS appears to be inactive so it would be best to get the most consensus from this wikiproject.

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