Depressed about dating prospects

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Depressed about dating prospects

I don't care if that's how you want to live your life, but I'm not going to date you.

I had one woman I found attractive e-mail me, but it became very obvious she had a lot of issues.

I thought at first that it would be a good way to learn a lot about someone by getting past the traditional dating game.

I met my ex of 3 years online, but it wasn't online dating.

Many of the guys who approached me were unkempt, grossly overweight or extremely illiterate. More importantly, we have similar interests and we get along very well. We still have "issues", but, all things considered, I think I did the right thing. I like men over 6ft and this is stated on my dating page. I don't like bald men either but still get bombarded.

For a while, I was going to give up on online dating, but, because I led a busy life, I kept going out on dates, and I had to kiss a number of frogs before finding my "prince", my current husband. Some people get discouraged by Internet dating and have more luck finding people in person. They r all over weight, unkempt taking no consideration towards their appearance.

I am 5'8" and reasonably nice-looking with a few extra pounds but by no means heavy.

I'm starting to think getting out and volunteering is going to be my best bet of meeting someone.I have messaged what I would consider some pretty average looking women, but who seem to have substance, and I don't get a single response.I have received several messages from very heavyset women.DM1000, A lot depends on which dating site you are frequenting.I have a lot of experience with dating sites, and I can tell you that some dating sites are worse than others.

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We met on a site where we had a mutual interest and she took a liking to my views and opinions. We talked for many months, exchanged photos, video chat, and the rest is history. After the breakup, these sites have led me to feeling worse about finding someone.