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Democrat online dating

Not in a faux-religious way that boasts acceptance while shamelessly turning people who are different away. I love his shoulders when they push against his shirt as he picks up our son.But in an authentic way that allows us to be intimate and raise a son in an environment that encourages an exchange of information between two parties who are notoriously unable to co-exist. And I love him when we argue about politics, because it makes us better people, together and apart.

But as much as I appreciate my partner's views on reproductive rights, I equally appreciate his views on foreign policy — a contentious topic in our house.But I look forward to debating that with him, too, because it's our political dissimilarities that have helped us truly accept each other for who we are.Not in a quasi-liberal way that values inclusion but only if all included agree.Like our political discussions, our relationship was passionate and intense and filled with complex emotions that were far too important to suppress. Our relationship progressed rapidly, and in about six months, we'd moved in together and were expecting a baby.My partner knows I had an abortion prior to meeting him, and when we found out we were pregnant, abortion was a choice we discussed at length and contemplated with no remorse.

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(I should point out here that I did find out early on we were both pro-choice and pro-marriage-equality, two things that made the Republican pill easier to swallow.)It would have been so much easier to date a liberal: someone to emphatically agree with me on pretty much everything, who wouldn't have minded ridding his home of deadly weapons or didn't own any in the first place.