Dell datasafe not updating fecundating winds

Posted by / 15-Sep-2017 09:11

It got to some point in the uninstall and just froze up.

The icon still shows up in the System Tray, and is still listed in the programs to uninstall in the Control Panel.

CAUTION: You need to backup your data before restoring your PC, else you will lose all your Data.

We will be using Dell Data Safe Local Backup software free edition which comes installed as standard program in most of Dell PC’s and Laptops.

After all, we bought the products with this service included.

I just hope that new machines sold with Windows 10 don't try and upsell, too.

Be sure to download and install Data Safe before upgrading.

You will need "Your ID" key from within Data Safe to complete the upgrade purchase process.

They tell me that the only way to get the software back on the machine is to do a restore to factory settings.I want to return my Dell Studio 1555 back to windows 7 from windows 10.I did not make back up DVD's of my original Windows 7 and now can't access the Dell Factory Restore function (F8, ctr F11).The update is supposed to be for Windows 10, allowing you to backup your stuff, create a recovery image and so on.Just like you could in Windows 8.1, but for Windows 10. As the message up top shows, unless you stump up you'll only be able to recover back to Windows 8.1. And you won't be able to use the app to back up any of your data.

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I have spoken with Dell twice now, just to make sure what they are telling me is consistent and hopefully accurate.