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Definition seriation dating

If the answers are very different from each other, then it is not precise.

Refers to smallest unit of time at which two dates can be distinguishable-My grandfather is an octogenarian, my grandmother is also an octogenarian. -You can only know if they fall within different decades worth of time.-E.g., standard deviation of one date that can fall into one category.

Earth's magnetic field is constantly changing, iron particles take up permanently the earth's magnetic direction at time of firing clay structures.

Can date sites with clay quite accurately, or when something is out of context. Date pottery and rocks that have been heated at about 500ºC or higher.2. HOWEVER: Very poor precision.-Electron traps set to zero when heated. Date minerals which have been exposed to light by several minutes' exposure to sunlight.

Independent method of absolute dating in its own right.

Rings become narrower with age, amount of growth affected by fluctuations in climate Sequence of tree-ring widths is perfectly unique to a sequence of growing seasons.-Limitations -Right species -Seasonal variation -Rings well preserved -Sample 1.

Different aspects of bone has also different racemization rates. Measure of systematic error and refers to the "closeness" of a chronometric estimate to the true age-Think a bulls-eye.

The closer it is to the center, the more accurate it is.-You have to know the true age…

The styles are distinctive and they continually changed over time.

Applies to trees in regions outside tropics where pronounced differences btw. Restricted to wood from those species that have a.) yielded a master sequence back from the present and b.) people actually used in the past and c.) where the sample affords sufficiently long record to give a unique match.

14C 1HAll living organisms contain same amount of 14C as in the atmosphere. K-Ar: date rocks hundreds or even thousands of millions of years old.

)-Understand what it dates (what is the literary context? )-Be able to translate it to a meaningful date referable to our time system (can the calendar be anchored in our calendar system? The list has to be linked with our own calendar if it is not to remain a "floating chronology"3.

Artifacts, features, or structures dated at a particular site have somehow to be related to the historical chronology, perhaps by association with inscription referring to ruler of time.

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Idea that something is older or younger relative to something else Expressed in terms of order.