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Access to our network is controlled by a certificate, which is a special encryption code that is different for each user.

No one else can access our VPN unless they have a valid certificate.

The Linux host acts as a secure gateway to the intranet, which consists of a number of Windows computers and Linux machines running Samba.

It's not that common an occurrence and most of us that have one wish the hell we didn't!

What a stellium does is up the amps about 10 times for the house and sign in which the planets fall.

For the skeptical, here is a screen dump of our intranet Samba server as seen from a Windows 2000 computer using Open VPN.

The Windows computer is connected over a dialup and has a dynamically-assigned IP address.

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The first thing noticeable about my natal chart is that I have a 1st House stellium in Scorpio.