Dating the exodus from egypt

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None of the ancient writers including the apostle Paul said the Jews were in Egypt for 430 years.Finally, the archaeological evidence will be considered that best fits with the chronology of the Exodus.So the exodus, according to Josephus, was about 1552 BC or 1,020 years from Abraham's entry into Canaan.In Against Apion (1926, 299; Book 2.19) Josephus says the exodus was 612 years before the temple.Chapter two will consider both the Old and New Testament writers concerning the Exodus.The last chapter will focus on the archaeological evidence that has been found that best fits into the chronology of the Exodus.From Egyptian topographical lists there are cities listed which seem to indicate that the Jews are already in Canaan when Thutmose III campaigned there around 1480 BC The Amarna letters tell about the Hapiru who seem to be the Hebrews during the time of the judges.The name "Israel" seems to be a late word used to describe the league of 12 tribes that later became the nation of Israel.

This number does not include the one hundred and eleven years of oppression in the book of Judges that ancient writers included in their totals.

Adel Okasha, head of Dahshur necropolis, said that the remains belong to the inner structure of the pyramid, including a corridor.

Other remains included blocks showing the interior design of the pyramid.

All took the 400 or 430 years to cover the time in Egypt and Canaan.

Most counted the 400 years from the birth of Isaac, or Abraham's entry into the land of Canaan.

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The time period under discussion, the late Middle Kingdom era, occurred some 200 years before the Israelites exited Egypt, as described in the Bible, and about the same time that Jacob and his sons descended to Egypt ahead of the period of bondage.