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Dating stratocaster pots

The solid steel saddles were replaced with the threaded style saddles.

The anodization became a bit thicker and somewhat more durable on the pickguard.

They next released the Precision Bass, and followed that up with the Stratocaster.

While all this was going on, Fender refined and added to their amplifier and steel guitar line as well.

Neck dates have been noted with both m/yy dates (4-56) and with specific dates from the last two weeks (4-20-56, for example) of the month of April.

They were certainly one busy little company in the mid 1950s when, surveying their electric guitar line-up, they decided to add a low-end instrument to accompany their mid-priced workhorse Telecaster guitar and the high-end Stratocaster.By all accounts the research and development of Fender’s 3/4 size guitars (the one pickup Musicmaster and the two pickup Duo-Sonic) went very quickly.Unfortunately, extensive interviews with, and even full-length books from the key players involved (Messers Fender, Hyatt, Randall, Tavares, White and Fullerton) fail to shed much light on the inception of these guitars.What is known is that the 3/4 scale Fender guitars were conceptually conceived in the latter part of 1955 as a result of a request from the Sales Department to produce an instrument for this niche.After a few prototypes were made in early 1956, Fender began advertising their 3/4 size guitars, and the first production runs for the Musicmaster were initiated in late April of 1956.

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It is certain that Fender had an excess of the “old” bodies that were fitted to the “new” rosewood necks.