Dating someone with alcoholism

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Dating someone with alcoholism

Thank you also for the stage crews that made things run smoothly.Our guys came from Boston last night and I'm sure they're looking forward to their beds. I'd also like to thank Guy Oseary, The Maverick Team, Arthur Fogel and Live Nation. I'd like to thank everyone that supported tonight's event by buying tables and tickets.Before I left my husband, a dear friend from school sent me a quote from Maya Angelou.It said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them—the first time! At some point I had to leave it behind and claim my full potential. I'm Adam and it has taken me a long time to be able to own that. Where I grew up, there were Johns, Davids, Pauls, Seans, Kevins and Rorys. It's just I couldn't take my friend alcohol.I was lucky because I had three friends that could see what was going on and loved me enough to take up the slack of my failings. Thank you for honoring that promise and letting me be in your band. Thank your Mariana for the wonderful life we have together and for making every day more meaningful. We've had a great night of music, haven't we? I'd like to thank the Recording Academy for their support.

He's been in one of the biggest bands in the world for well over three decades, but Adam Clayton is rarely the center of attention. I've known this man a long time and apart from U2 and Paul Mc Guinness he's my longest relationship in the music business and he turned me onto Chronixx who played here tonight, so thank you Chris. I tread the well-worn path of every abnormal drinker to try and drink like normal people. I thought my life would be over, but two heroes of mine were there for me and it meant a great deal to me that they tried to convince me otherwise.

I didn't know any Adam apart from the first one and I was too self-conscious to explain that to anyone. But in some ways, that devastating disease is what drove me towards the wonderful life I now have.

At first it was hard examining the evidence of recovery, but I've never met an alcoholic in recovery that doesn't believe that this is the best thing they have ever done. She's never seen me drinking, but she does know me crazy. I'd like to thank Neil Portnow and the Musi Cares team for organizing this evening.

Thanks to my brother Sebastian who is here tonight. Without your support, none of this would be possible.

He's known me at my best and at my very worst. You brought hope and a second chance to so many people struggling with addiction.

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I'd like to thank the artists that performed tonight; such inspiring performances, a real honor to be here.