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Fast Track seems to actively encourage the later (all of their energies devoted to managing their careers).recently posted old folklore about the first major, commercial, "true blue" customer account to install a large "clone" mainframe processor in the 70s ...A software development method whereby large numbers of inexperienced programmers are thrown at a mammoth software project (instead of deploying a small team of skilled programmers). and I've mentioned that in the executive exit interview, there was the comment that they could have forgiven me for being wrong, but were never going to forgive me for being right. other old press snipets in these posts and Steve Chen (computer engineer) Sequent eventually acquires Chen's business and Steve Chen becomes CTO at Sequent, in the late 90s we did some consulting for Steve (at Sequent before it was bought by IBM) IBM buys Sequent ...First recorded in 1965, but popular as ever in the 1990s. The fast track also has overtones of Boyd's career advice about choosing To Be or To Do. but the effort suffers somewhat akin to what happened to Kingston ...

Tandem Memos was somewhat kicked off after a visit to Jim Gray at Tandem. from ibm jargon: BYTE8406 - bite-eighty-four-oh-sixv. A software development method whereby large numbers of inexperienced programmers are thrown at a mammoth software project (instead of deploying a small team of skilled programmers). fast track especially became epidemic in the later half of the 80s.I'm currently reading Bing West's recently published book "The Wrong War" point is periodically made about various (To Be) officers being extremely "risk adverse" since blemishes on the record can block promotion. "Peter Principle" can imply that the incompetent getting promoted, may not be actively involved in the promotion decisions (almost passive with respect to the events); Boyd's To Be or To Do has more of the sense that incompetent have been actively campaigning for the promotions.The corollary involves individuals that spend the majority of their time & effort actively involved in "career management" (their nominal responsibilities and business taking a backseat). IBM Unionization The history of Structure capabilities was: 1975 movie "Three Days of the Condor" tech stuff Memories of ACC, IBM Channels and Mainframe Internet Devices Taxes THE runs in DOS box? Old word & word combination frequency analysis since then CVE reports have moved to nist recent post discussing buffer overflow in more detail: references old article from the 90s about buffer overflow is the most common security bug: into this century it somewhat shifts to 1/3rd buffer overflow, 1/3rd social engineering, and 1/3rd automatic execution. Microminiaturized Modules Old-school programming techniques you probably don't miss My Vintage Dream PC And, 40 years of IBM midrange big iron mainframe vs. reference to NIST calculating that buffer overflow drops to 20% (over the previous 4 yrs) not so much that the number of buffer overflows has dropped, but that other exploits have increased (so buffer overflows are smaller percentage of larger pie).

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