Dating simulation games for ipod touch

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Dating simulation games for ipod touch

Last week we featured the best free i Pad games, but there were a few new categories there that weren't in my original best free i Phone games post.

One of those categories is simulation, where your micro-management skills pay the virtual bills.

Mana points can also be used to purchase hints for particularly tricky puzzles - luckily the hints aren't too expensive.

There's Game Center support here to track achievements, but it's not Universal, so unfortunately no enjoying this one on the big screen.

Towerbucks can also be bought through in-app purchases.

The Sandbox is clever mix-and-match game with an 8-bit art style.

Some of these will look familiar, but others may be new to you.

Those goals can be as simple as evaporating water and as elaborate as discovering electricity.What really keeps the game fun is the variety of other mini-games and the great humor both in the writing an art style.Smaller nuances, like recognizing customers as they come in and using the appropriate spices adds even more depth to the frantic gameplay.Sure, there are some of the Farm Ville trappings of having to tap on buildings to collect revenue, but there's a ton of depth to the resource structure; for example, to run a business, you have to gather up equipment either through other business or upgrading residential units to hire the required professionals.You need to juggle ecology ratings and electrical demands as your city expands from one era to the next.

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