Dating of the book of daniel

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That there's going to have to be some sort of a salvation that would come and a redemption that would come, in view of this terrible evil, represented by Antiochus Epiphanes who was the Greek ruler. He becomes the first one in history we can put a finger on and say this is the type of ruler that these apocalyptic books picture as the ruler of the final end time.What makes the Book of Daniel different from all other books, is it's built around a series of five dreams, or revelations, that purport to lay out, in step by step fashion, what will actually happen in the last days. Daniel is actually a figure from the Babylonian exile. But the Book of Daniel attributed to him is actually written during the Maccabean revolt.And Daniel was, as a book, really responding to the political crisis of Antiochus Epiphanes and the political forces of war that are all about. For the people of this period there's really no difference between religion and politics.We can't simply look at this work as if its symbolism of good and truth and beauty are divorced from the political reality that's all around them. It gives the story to some past figure and lets him or her carry the history down and explain the history to our present moment. This motif of pitching the story back and then carrying the history forward is really what gives apocalypse literature its predictive and prospective quality.And in the process of doing that, it interprets the history in a way that becomes intelligible. It's always telling the story from some past time and bringing it all the way down. Some people have referred to this motif of apocalypse literature as "prophecy after the fact," because by putting it in the mouth of a person who ostensibly lived a long time ago and letting that person tell the story it has the quality of predicting the future.And this has to do with a Syrian-Greek force coming in, suppressing Jerusalem and the Temple.

Quite possibly the Book of Daniel covers a greater length of time than that of his contemporary Ezekiel, since the latter has no specific references to the Pers. This book was placed in the Ketuḇim or third section of the Heb. VSS it occurs as the fourth major composition in the prophetic writings, following the order of the Alexandrian canon. This would indicate that he was descended from a noble family, since normally only prominent persons were taken captive in this manner. The period of time covered by the historical and visionary sections of the book is slightly in excess of the full period of Heb. Daniel was apparently taken by Nebuchadnezzar to Babylon along with other Judean hostages in 605 , following a Babylonian attempt to subjugate Judah.But not so this man, who desecrated the Temple and forbade all Jewish religious practices. They haven't got the world-wide scope, the idea of a totally transformed world, which you get in the Book of Daniel, and which is passed on, of course, to the Book of Revelation, and which is central to Christian apocalyptic beliefs. The Book of Daniel is the apocalyptic book of the Hebrew bible. And in fact the Book of Revelation is largely a Christian interpretation of the Book of Daniel.The answer to this was that those Jews who wouldn't compromise in any way started a war, known as the Maccabean Revolt, and in the end won. Saying that we're going to defeat Antiochus and beyond that lies a world in which the Jews will be recognized as God's chosen people, and will really dominate in their turn. Daniel [the character] comes to us from the Babylonian exile.

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