Dating larger people

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My approach is not to apologise or make excuses for my size, just "I am what I am".Not sure of your size, but I weigh 90kg, and I saw a stylist for advice on dressing for my shape.

Men who are dating often love curves and don't focus on our perceived faults.Personality, brains and conversational skills count for much more on a date than a slim figure in my experience.I am honest about my size and my photos are current.Another lady I recently met, who happens to be my favourite cookbook author, is in a very happy relationship, too, with a man she met a couple of years ago when, well, fat. So, in essence, weight might matter, but not when you meet the right person. You need to work through your heavy focus on your weight.Yes, fat people find love, and yes, fat people stand as good a chance to find it as anyone else. If it becomes your main focus it will be people main focus when they meet you or around you, which means they may miss out on other elements of yourself.

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I've not really 'dated' as such (the couple or three formal 'dates' I've been on in my life were pretty tragic! I've been separated for almost 18 months, haven't dated in over 15 years and the thought of putting my 40 something self out there terrifies me. I think confidence counts for more than your age or size. He is smart, funny, 6'4" and looks like a 1940s film star.

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