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Western women like sex and they have sex a lot, this is what Asian guys think.It is the most undeniable, indisputable fact about being a Westerner trying to make relationships work in Asia.Hard work has always been sexy to me and these guys were the opposite of the privileged white male (or female, for that matter). My mother was divorced when I was four years old and some of the only father figures I had in my life were Asian men.We traveled to the Philippines when I was 8 years old and I most certainly left pieces of my heart there. So that’s just a few of the my reasons, it’s easier to see the picture once you have some of the puzzle pieces.So, when you say My advice and plea to Western women is to not sleep with someone on the first date (or the second) in Korea.If you do, you are just cementing an already established stereotype into the mind of the collective cultural mindset.) who knows, and they were commenting on the fact that my Korean was “so good” (not true) and that so few Westerners bother to study it.Learning the culture is also super important if you want to be a good girlfriend when that day finally comes or if you just want to understand what the heck is going on in day to day life.

It’s not that I had come to Korea obsessed with K-Pop and K-Dramas and wanting my own recreation of that sort of dynamic. It had happened to so many of us and it happened so regularly that we just figured it was a normal thing. I told this to my Korean girlfriend and she gave me a sort of sad, I feel-sorry-for you look. “If someone is doing that to you, it’s unacceptable behavior.” Bam!If you’re going to be dating in a culture other than your own, you need to try to meet the other person halfway.Plus, Korean guys think it’s just so damn cute when you’re learning Korean and if they don’t, that’s also a red signal.But the truth is that when I have dated, both in Seattle and abroad, it’s almost always been with Asian males. We all know that motivations are always this abstract, jumbled mess of things. I tutored Asian ESL students when I was a university student, both male and female and I always admired and respected how hard they worked.They were doing what I was doing but they were doing it in a language totally foreign to them and while living far away from their family and friends in a culture that was totally new to them.

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4.) Don’t Let Yourself Be Used For English If you are a Western girl living in South Korea, you are most likely an English teacher and this can be a sticky situation because maybe you don’t mind being used for English at first but sooner or later, you’re gonna get burned.

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