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But I know you have a profile on international dating site. Anna: But the girls send mails to you on this dating site? With every new dating you can learn about something new, get new experience, even bad experience is good experience, and have more opportunities to find your soul mate. Then I met my Ukrainian friend and he asked me to take a risk and open a restaurant in Ukraine. Now we have a nice and successful restaurant in Truskavets. Anna: Thank you for taking some time off from your busy schedule to answer a few questions about your life and your dating experience! As a dating coach and a person who used to dating, I understand how difficult is not ti give up, try again and again. And I got an idea to take an interview with one of them. He was very courteous and gladly agreed to give me an interview and tell me about his dating experience. Maurizio: I am from Italy but last 5 years I live in Ukraine, Lviv. When it was the economic crisis in Italy, I decided to set up a business somewhere else.

At first I thought about opening a restaurant in the Czech Republic, in Prague.

They reproached me that I am not interested in their children.

After how many dates did they ask you to buy anything?

5 years ago you could meet more girls on high shoes in the street than now.

Maurizio: I wanted to concentrate only on my business.

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Turns out these are pretty frequent questions I’m hearing.

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