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However, during Prohibition “most men no longer associated women’s presence in a bar or club with prostitution.”[5] Prohibition marked an era where men and women were able to interact and drink publicly.In the 1920s it was more acceptable for women to drink in the presence of men.

From the outset of Prohibition many politicians and Drys assumed that middle and upper class women would continue to be staunch and loyal supporters of the cause.She had decided opinions on fashion and was aware of the latest trends, yet she did not hesitate to make fun of the fashions she didn’t like. In “On and Off the Avenue” Long states “The V-neck still persisted…When talking about the latest designs from Chanel she declares, “You could almost do your hair in a fringe and go to a costume ball in this gown.”[15] Flappers were defined by their clothing: She did not wear a corset, and she bared her arms. the skirts [are] still short and straight.”[17] Yet she also advises “an invasion of your brother’s wardrobe could see you through very nicely.”[18] It is this unusual image that flappers strove to achieve.They redefined acceptable social behaviors through their dress, new approaches to courting, and their fascination with public drinking.By most descriptions, Lois Long, a reporter for was the embodiment of the 1920s flapper.

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Flappers raised their hemlines, bobbed their hair, and applied makeup with abandon, embracing the latest fashions.

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