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The illustrative style employed in this poster is suggestive of comic book art, a very non-threatening form of communication used as information. The four leaves in the child's hand symbolize 'nature'-the hope of a future-that it is not lost, if adequate precautions are taken to safeguard the child. The message subverts the traditional approach of a male dominated sexual encounter by giving their female partners an equal and perhaps more responsible role in determining the eventual consequences of having safe sex as opposed to unprotected sex. The principle image, a dark silhouette of a young child with hollowed out eyes suggesting 'death', is in sharp contrast to the abundance of colors and hues that render the background to represent 'life'.

Advertising Agency: MARKETEL, Creative Team: Gilles Dusablon, Linda Dawe, Stephane Gaulin.

A 96-page color exhibition catalog containing all 153 images and descriptive texts, with essays by Steven Heller and Chaz Maviyane-Davies and Suzi Peel, will be available for US.00 postage as of September 5, 2010. [email protected] information about showing the exhibition at your venue, or for catalog sales. The poster depicts a man and a woman, one black and one white, shown protected within a condom-like enclosure. The poster depicts a young man with his back to the viewer, holding a single flower and a condom in his left hand. National Support Center for Health Czech-Slovak-Swiss Health Organization. India has a fairly large percentage of female sex workers who are HIV positive. The message is a clear interpretation of the 'safety pin' as a common house hold item.

The female figure includes a glowing image of a womb.' Australian Aboriginal artist: Bronwyn Bancroft, Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Human Services and Health, AIDS/Communicable Diseases Branch, Canberra, Australia, 1992. Canada, Grave monument, AIDS is still circulating 1981 -The poster depicts a woman in the act of injecting herself with an implied infected needle in the form of a funerary stone statuary. Condom use is still stigmatized in many parts of the Caribbean, including Cuba. The images' metaphoric significance and usage of the color pink may signal its targeted constituency of females considering marriage in both rural and urban Iranian households.

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