Dating game question ideas

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Dating game question ideas

By opting for a simple search online for dating services, you will be able to locate many websites that will provide for a variety of services of match making.

Since there is a lot of cutthroat competition between these sites, each try to offer unique features to attract the attention of potential customers.

This date night idea was a total collaboration between all three of us to bring you this fabulous game! Diva Courtney came up with 60 unique and creative questions to challenge your brain!

Each team rolls the die to know type of question they are to answer.

Adding an incentive is always a bonus and fuels competition!

by the gorgeous bold colors that our amazing designer Kiki from Kiki & Company created.

She was absolutely amazing to work with and completely captured the vision for this date night idea!

The most common type includes chat rooms and email services.

Due to the presence of these sites, nowadays many geographical barriers can easily be surpassed.

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If the die lands on “Girl” your team must answer a “Girl” question!