Dating game archives

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Dating game archives

Idyllic movie versions of love have been engrained in us, but they’re super sappy and farfetched when it comes to real-life romance.

Have you ever been texting with your partner, and in your gut, you just knew something was off?

As we watched this go down, my buddy’s lady—looking baffled—asked…

[Read more]For the longest time we have seen Hollywood showcase “the strong silent type” as the epitome of manliness. Recent studies have shown that quiet men are regarded as more manly and attractive to the opposite sex and both men and women prefer mates whose voices sound familiar in some way (source).

Consequences of the child’s future do not enter her mind, usually because she was either never taught to care for a child (only to “watch” the child) and never had a positive role model on how to do so. Not because I look down on her, but because I think she needs to wake up in order to reap the many rewards of motherhood.

They weren’t saying they were upset, but you just sensed there was a problem.

Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, or maybe they deny it, but, still, you just can’t shake it.

I’m talking about using Tinder, a mobile dating app to find potential local flings during the sweltering dog days of summer. [Read more]Men, do you have a career deal breaker when it comes to your dating? It’s a rhetorical question really, being that I know for a fact that we still think in a traditional sense when it comes to a mate and what he/she brings to the table.

Although I guess you can say 2014’s Summer of Love is definitely redefining the dating game and is slowly building itself as a social phenomenon. There is still pressure on the male to have ambition, have a career, and have money, but as men our pressure on women still goes toward the physical, ie: stay skinny, be pretty, don’t annoy me.

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If you are a woman who leaves your kid with your mother on… I’m about to give you two ways to keep your lady satisfied without very much effort: One: Every phone call/text deserves a response.