Dating english silverware

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Mostly however they are decorated according to the wishes of the client or vagaries of the manufacturer.

In Ireland bright-cutting was popular on a pointed version of the Old English pattern (Celtic Point), and were named according to the motif above the cartouche, e.g. We always carry a good selection of bright-cut engraved flatware, one of the best protaganists of this art was Hester Bateman (click link for details) and our Irish stock always has some fine examples.

on the stem towards the bowl end, and because of the rounding of the stems the marks are often difficult to read.

Variations to the shape of bowl, ridge on the stem and the reverse of the bowl, such as double drops, extended drops etc., can help date poorly marked spoons.

the pattern is only shown on the front, the reverse side being plain.

Minor variations on the standard form are often found, such as the device in the centre of the stem, the form of the heel, and whether the shell decorations are concave or convex.

Single items in some of the sought after patterns can fetch high prices, especially the patterns designed for Rundell, Bridge & Rundell and Paul Storr.The technique involves facets being cut out of the surface of the silver to leave a shiny appearance, as opposed to lines being drawn.Several standard variants are named, such as Bright-cut Edge and Feather Edge.There are a multitude of patterns available that can all be lumped together under the general heading of King’s shape.They all possess the same shaped outline with shoulders, but differ in the decorative motifs that adorn them.

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Originally as a simple detached-shell, but developing into complex scrolls and shells, and then into scenes which may be purely decorative (basket of flowers), celebratory (e.g.

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