Dating an old bed frame

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Dating an old bed frame

Hang silky floor-length drapes in soft raspberry over bare windows.Creating an intimate sitting nook with comfortable armchairs upholstered in a sage-green-and-raspberry print provides color harmony in the room.Deck the walls with scenic or wildlife framed prints.Lantern light fixtures in black metal enhance rustic cabin style.Hanging light-blue sheers in front of the blinds adds soft color with an elegant, layered look.Additional wooden furniture pieces in a white, distressed finish provide an aged appearance.Give walls a textured, warm finish with a faux painting technique in golden beige.

Creating a simple and fresh bedroom ambiance is an easy task when you use a crisp white palette.A white shag rug provides textural interest and cushy warmth for bare little feet.Design a rustic cabin theme around a black iron bed by decorating your bedroom with a natural, woodsy feel.Draping a creamy beige sheer curtain around the metal canopy provides a private, romantic look.Pile a variety of toss pillows in sage green and soft raspberry on the comforter.

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Accessorizing with a potted palm tree, a large vase of fresh roses and framed scenic prints completes the romantic appeal.

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