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That August, he and his friends went on a boys’ holiday to Kavos but when he got home, he went back to the doctor, who found a lump in his side and immediately referred him for an ultrasound.Scans revealed that he had a tumour that had spread to his lungs."We've shown that, combined, copper and disulfiram elicit more killing of prostate cancer cells," Zhang said.Gomulinski is the first patient enrolled in the Poley Protocol, named for Neil Poley, who died from the disease two years ago.The copper is given in combination with the drug disulfiram, which is approved for treating people with alcoholism.Doctors hope it might also help with prostate cancer.It was the day before his A-level results were released, which despite months of worry, immediately became insignificant.

After getting a positive result, Byron was diagnosed with stage four testicular cancer which had spread to his abdomen and lungs.Based on the results, a consensus statement will be produced.— When prostate cancer is diagnosed late, there are few effective treatment options available. Duke University researchers hope copper combined with an old drug will prevent or delay some of those deaths."I would go in for five days in a row and have the chemo constantly."It really took it out of me - my brain was muddled and I found it hard to concentrate on long films or books.

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“If the test results in a cancer diagnosis then obviously, it becomes irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and if it is negative, it just means that further tests are needed.

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