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Danity kane q denies dating dawn

Getting on the front-page of a niche social bookmarking site often can also help your branding tremendously.Delicious is the first social bookmarking website that went live on the Internet and remains one of the most important of its kind.Delicious can bring a lot of traffic if a story submitted reaches the frontpage but mostly that has to happen organically: you just submit your article to it and that’s it.Digg is one of the first social bookmarking sites set up that still ranks in the top 5, whose popularity suffered a small decrease after its redesign (which I’ve actually found to be pretty great).:) It is not something anyone would probably like to admit.If you are on Lindsay Lohan's sex list you probably don't want to call attention to yourself by saying anything.People vote up or down a story and then you have a chance to make it popular on that sub-reddit.

You can discover a page in stumble upon, set its category and hope that the users who stumble upon it will like it too, creating a snowball effect, bringing even more traffic.

Apart from being able to store your bookmarks categorized, helping you find what you search easily, it’s a very effective way for webmasters to promote their website.

The two most important positive effects of using social bookmarking sites are the increased number of direct visitors if the story you submit gets voted and appears on the front page and the link value that they give to the article.

Each subreddit has its own rules that submitters and users have to follow, and it’s self maintained by the users.

Every subreddit has the url structure of and when you submit a story, you have to type that name where you want your story to appear.

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If not, you’re banned and there’s no point in submitting new pages.