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But if you don’t know who Danielle Polanco is yet, don’t worry—you will.This month, the half-Puerto Rican, half-Dominican 23-year-old from the Bronx makes her Broadway debut in a somewhat serendipitous fashion: She’s playing Consuela, the bleached blonde, America-loving Shark (her favorite role) in the much-anticipated revival of (her favorite show)—despite having never been in a musical before!Okay, everybody has an opinion about everything—but my body has been a negative factor in my life all the time.

Outside of school, Danielle took additional classes in African at Larocque Bey and Hip-Hop, Street Jazz and House at Broadway Dance Center.

She is best known for being the leading lady in Omarion's music video Touch and for starring in the 2008 movie Step Up 2 the Streets, in which she portrayed Missy Serrano.

Polanco has choreographed for Beyoncé Knowles, Janet Jackson and Jenn...

Wanting a change from the music industry, she got the opportunity from Writer/Director Arthur Laurents to perform in the smash hit revival of ‘West Side Story’ on Broadway, in which she played the role of Consuela.

Getting to sing, dance and act in one of the best musicals of all tine was definitely a highlight of her career.

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