Damian whitewood and peta murgatroyd dating

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Damian whitewood and peta murgatroyd dating

Chmerkovskiy won his first ever Mirror Ball Trophy with his dance partner, Olympic ice dancer Meryl Davis, back in 2014.During the entire season, fans were convinced that Chmerkovskiy and Davis were dating.We knew that we wanted a shorter name that wasn’t super-complicated because ‘Chmerkovskiy’ is kind of a mouthful and he’ll always have to spell it out for people,” Murgatroyd explained.The couple decided on the name Shai (pronounced Shy) which means “gift” in Hebrew.“I’m in love with you, and I will be in love with you for the rest of my life,” Chmerkovskiy told Murgatroyd.She said “yes,” of course, which Chmerkovskiy posted on Instagram that same night.“Maks’ romantic proposal is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.I’m excited for the next chapter in our lives and to plan the wedding of my dreams with Maks,” Murgatroyd told People Magazine in a statement.

“It took months and months to find a name that both Maks and I loved and kind of embodied what he means to us.Their electric chemistry helped carry them to victory — something that was extremely special to Chmerkovskiy.The two never confirmed the dating rumors, but months later, Chmerkovskiy was back with Murgatroyd. The first time, she took home the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy with her partner, former footballer Donald Driver, in Season 14.So we gave him his middle name after Maks’ dad Aleksandr (spelled a little differently to honor Shai’s heritage but also make it unique to him).It was a really special moment for Maks to have his dad be a part of something we created. Shai Aleksander Chmerkovskiy, welcome to the world,” Murgatroyd wrote.

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When it came to an engagement ring, Chmerkovskiy went all out.

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