Creationist view radiometric dating

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– Jake Vanada, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Twin Cities Director, MN Bryce Brothers has been a long time resident here in Northern Arizona and has a wealth of knowledge about its various highlights and history. When Bryce is not leading tours at the Grand Canyon you might find him at Coconino High School, where he is an English teacher and heads up one of the top Speech and Debate teams in Northern Arizona!Bryce is a great “people person” and loves sharing the beauty of God’s creation at the Grand Canyon with folks from around the world.While Bill’s knowledge of the Grand Canyon is extensive, he specializes in the connection between the Bible, the Flood, and the Grand Canyon.As a Biblical and Hebrew scholar, his background allows him to relate to those of all levels of Biblical understanding.Danny retired as a full professor and now holds the title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus.

When Bill isn’t guiding tours for Canyon Ministries he travels around researching and and teaching in various location throughout the west.

is the Canyon Ministries Director of Rim Tour Operations and Technology.

As founder of the Genesis Creation Science Institute he has spoken at various schools, conferences, and churches on a wide variety of creation science and biblical history topics and has given biblical creation tours through museums around the world from Los Angeles to London.

Bert had a heart attack in the middle of 24.5 mile rapid and then disappeared down the tongue of the river, never to be seen again…until 25 years later when hikers discovered his bones and belt buckle 46 miles downstream.

Two of Bert’s boats that he built can still be seen on river trips through the Grand Canyon.

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He has published more than a hundred papers in various astronomy and astrophysics journals and is the author of Nate Loper is the Canyon Ministries Director of Rim Tour Operations and Technology.