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Melinda and I collaborated one day on an ad based on a real-life problem I was facing — I had an upcoming family reunion, and no boyfriend to prove to my extended relations that I was just as successful as Engaged Cousin Allie.The ad we co-wrote, “Please help me prove to my extended family that I’m not a lesbian,” not only elicited over a hundred responses — but one of them was from a famous person.But, the possibilities that experience opened up kept me hooked for years to come. The zombie invasion ad, one of my first, lead to three months with Jeff, a sweet-natured production assistant whom I forgave for his atrocious taste in comic-book writers, mostly because our TV favorites were properly aligned.That’s the thing about Craigslist — it’s free and available to everyone. (At that point, I was so sexually inexperienced that media preferences were all I had to judge potential compatibility on.)Even though I quickly began to feel like the brains in the relationship, Jeff and I had fun together, and he taught me how a relationship’s give and take is supposed to work.Tricks like that drew in gentlemen who seemed likely candidates for handling my particular kind of crazy.

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Famous isn’t exactly accurate, in fairness, but he was co-starring in a critically acclaimed basic cable drama, and had previously appeared on another series I’d enjoyed, which definitely made him the most famous person to ever show an interest in dating me.

There was something profoundly ridiculous about it, the fact that someone whose job it was to look good on television would be on Craigslist, and reply to an ad so insanely worded.

You need a hook, a simple concept that will reel the right element in.

A skittish and nerdy young woman seeking her own type isn’t necessarily very enticing, unless she’s writing ads themed around zombie invasion (“Seeking someone with a solid city escape plan and own shotgun”).

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What would happen if men I tried to date knew up-front that I’m a feminist and were glad to hear it?

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