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If Constellation/Exelon goes ahead with consilidating its Offices to a new Building they will be losing money on their two current Buildings on one until 2018 and another until 2019.

These are the respective dates that Constellation's leases will expire on the existing 187,000 Square Feet. Lets say Exelon holds off until its leases on its current Offices expire and the additional space is absorbed by another Downtown Office Building like say the old Legg Mason Building which has fallen on hard times when its titular firm moved to Inner Harbor East.

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That's only a net gain of about 90,000 square feet of needed Office Space.

Why not lease the space in an existing Office Building that has that much space available already?

We are starting a database of products to review and showcase as well as a brief overview of the different motor technologies and control schemes.These days finding new tenants for the estimated 287,000 Square Feet of Office space left in the wake of the new Building will be impossible.The new Headquarters is slated to be between 350,000 to 375,000 square feet.Many of these designs incorporate circuits that use lethal voltages and can cause great bodily harm and even death if not handled properly.Do not attempt repair, testing or modification of any circuit that you do not fully understand unless you have the proper skills and tools to work on high voltage equipment.


We try to include owners manuals and repair diagrams whenever possible.