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Firstly, all female characters get Stripperiffic outfits, while all men get one Shirtless Scene after another.

Then add some "Witty Banter" between the lead characters about penis size, some bow-chicka-bow-wow, a "manly" hero and a Chaste Sidekick who's a stupid and innocent virgin, a Ms. Heck, why not go all the way and chuck everyone in bed together and say it's just you making the series more mature.

Older works that were raunchy and risque at the time may not be as the times have changed, so to keep the same feel the sexual themes are exaggerated more than the original.

As a result, when the work gets remade in a new, less restrictive media (such as TV to film, or anime to manga), the creator can restore what was cut before, with the advantage that this time, the content is properly integrated with the story.

Hold Me I Have Fled From Bulla Regia.” These days you could probably sell “ADVLTERA MERETRIX” jewelry; but times, of course, have changed.

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You've acquired the rights to remake that classic cartoon you loved as a child as a movie/novelisation/TV series/comicbook/whatever.

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Unsurprisingly, fans tend to dislike remakes that use this Tone Shift for several reasons.

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