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Includes tracks by the Veneers, Dukays, Shadows, Bombers, Five Diamonds and many others.BRONX DOO WOP The Bronx - part of the New York City scene - with great doo wops.CRYSTAL BALL RECORDS 30th ANNIVERSARY - Vol 1 Crystal Ball Records is celebrating its 30th ANNIVERSARY with this great package!Includes tracks by the Turbans, Eldorados and others!30 CANDY COATED DOO WOPS Sweets for the sweet and doo wop lovers too!CD1 Elvis Style rounds up recordings sung in the style of Elvis, including contributions by Conway Twitty, Ral Donner, Roy Orbison and Sleepy La Beef.DOO WOP ANIMALS There are doo wop songs about every subject - even animals!

Features the Sedates, Shy Tones, Carousels, Clouds, Swans and many others.

CRYSTAL BALL RECORDS 20th ANNIVERSARY - Vol 5 Still celebrating with more great tracks - Crystal Ball Records 20th anniversary!

Includes the Bob Knight Four, Crosstones, Debonaires, Starlight & more!

Features the Sinners, Barbees, Gleams, Lovers and many others.

A DOO WOP TREASURE CHEST - Volume 5 A doo wop treasure chest of 30 super rare doo wop sides!

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A DOO WOP TREASURE CHEST - Volume 2 A doo wop treasure chest of 30 super rare doo wop sides!